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Driver warned by police after being spotted wheel spinning and driving dangerously

A driver has been issued with a warning by police after being seen wheel spinning and driving dangerously.

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Police said the warning had followed driving in Whitchurch town centre

Whitchurch PCSO Hannah Lister said that the incident had taken place in Whitchurch town centre on Friday.

She said that as a result of the incident the driver had been given a Section 59 notice – which can lead to vehicles being seized if there are repeat offences.

She said: "On Friday we received a complaint regarding a young male and his manner of driving in the area of Whitchurch town centre.

"The male was seen driving dangerously and wheel spinning and throwing gravel up in the air whilst doing so, due to the speed, the male nearly crashed into a kerb.

"This was all in a heavily residential area in a 30 mph speed limit."

She added: "On Sunday I managed to catch up with the male and issue him with a section 59 warning notice.

"This notice means should he choose to drive in a manner like this again within twelve months, his car will be seized by us. This will follow the driver and the car itself for a full twelve months, meaning that he can't just swap his car with anyone and do the same. It's a really useful tool for us and one we are more than happy to use."

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