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How side hustling is way to make extra cash – Money Saving Amy gives her latest tips as the cost-of-living crisis rumbles on

As families struggle to get by through the cost of living crisis, the Star has teamed up with ‘Money Saving Amy’ in a bid to help families with some handy hints and tips.

Amy Grayland gives saving tips on her Instagram @_Moneysavingamy

Hello everyone. This week I wanted to chat about side hustling. Side hustles can vary from mystery shopping to dog walking to doing online surveys from home or market research, which is mostly home-based too, but it means earning additional income to your wages, writes Amy Grayland.

My favourite, and most practised side hustled are mystery shopping and online surveys.

Mystery shopping

I discovered mystery shopping a couple of years ago and absolutely love the flexibility of it as a side hustle. It’s perfect for anyone, but can be particularly great for parents on maternity or paternity leave that would like to top up their income.

Mystery shopping can be leisure activities such as free bowling trips, free meals out and even free hotel stays. Often these carry little or no reward but you get reimbursed for expenses so it’s a great way to enjoy some extra fun on a budget. And then mystery shopping can also be tasks such as taking photos of the tomatoes in a supermarket and capturing the information on the packets, or checking if certain POS (point of sale) is available when promotional campaigns are running. My person favourite mystery shopping task is buying, tasting and reviewing food and drink, these tasks generally pay around £2 per item plus you get reimbursed for the food or drink.

Here’s a list of my favourite apps and websites:



•Field Agent

•Smart Spotter