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Self-defence expert on a mission to enhance employee wellbeing in Shropshire

A self-defence expert is on a mission to educate business leaders about the importance of supporting the holistic wellbeing of employees.

The team at Zen with Rich

Rich Hilton, of Resilient Defence, paid a visit to the team at Shropshire-based Zen Communications last week.

And he said: “All forward-thinking businesses that genuinely care about their team should be encouraging self-defence.

"Employers have a duty of care to their workforce and need to recognise that this not only means financially, but also mentally, emotionally, and of course, physically.

“At Resilient Defence, we pride ourselves on bringing this all-inclusive approach to our sessions, encompassing not only the theory and legal aspects to consider, but also practical training, situational awareness, and conflict management skills.

"Even the most basic of self-defence awareness can arm employees with the knowledge and know-how they need to make snap decisions in any given situation – whether at or outside of work. Designed to be accessible for all, as well as providing potentially life-saving tools and tactics, the sessions make the ideal team building activity, as they’re aimed to absolutely empower employees to feel much more confident, in control, and above all, safe.”

According to the Office for National Statistics, police recorded 2.1 million offences of violence in the UK in the year ending December 2022, and almost 700,000 stalking and harassment offences – a 44 per cent rise compared to previous years.

“With lone-working on the up, individuals are increasingly making solo visits to third party sites.," Rich added. "And with more employers than ever before adopting working schedules outside of the traditional 9-5, there’s an increased need for companies to protect their most valuable asset – their team."

Felicity Wingrove, Founder of Zen Communicationssaid: "As the owner of a business I'm conscious of the need to ensure my team's wellbeing – mentally, emotionally, and physically – as much as I can.

"We don't require out-of-hours working, or much in the way of solo-visits to third party sites, but I still want to support my team to feel their most empowered.

“Rich delivered both the theory and practical elements of self-defence to my team, allowing them to feel really resourced. Not only was the session incredibly fun and a lovely team exercise, with lots of laughter, but we also each came away feeling much more empowered to manage any physical challenges along the way."

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