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Ludlow company helps smaller riders enjoy thrill of cycling

A Ludlow company is helping smaller riders enjoy the thrill of cycling through its new range of bicycles.

The Creig

Islabikes, a leading manufacturer of premium lightweight bikes for children and adults, has announced the launch of its newest products – adult versions of its Creig and Luath bikes.

Bosses said their priority was to design a bike that fitted people between 4'11" and 5'9" tall – and by fit, scaling every component to fit every part of a smaller adult’s body, not just design a smaller frame.

They said most women and below average height men are poorly catered for, depriving them of bicycles that maximise their comfort, efficiency and safety when cycling. With the adult versions of the Creig and Luath, they say riders can say goodbye to smaller frames fitted with oversized components, such as handlebars that are too wide or cranks that are too long.

The adult Luath design is suitable for gravel, riding to work, touring, multi-day adventures and more. The adult Creig design, conversely, is suitable for trail centres, local singletrack trails, bridleways, and bikepacking adventures.

Tim Goodall, managing director at Islabikes, said: “At first glance, our new Creig and Luath might look much like what’s come before, but look closely, and we’ve completely revisited what a bike for someone below 5’ 9” should be. And that’s a bike that has components that fit smaller riders.

"Making a frame smaller is the easy bit, it’s the obsessive attention to fit all critical components that separate these bikes from the crowd.

"And often it’s the seemingly obvious expectations someone has, like being able to reach the brakes on a bike with dropped handlebars if they have smaller hands. Sadly, something many people can’t do – and that’s nuts.

“The feedback we’ve had so far has been incredible; that after decades of riding and ‘making do’ with what was available, finally someone has noticed that if the frame is smaller, maybe the fit critical components should be too.”

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