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Telford MP Lucy Allan tells of 'weirdest week' as protest is launched

Telford MP Lucy Allan has admitted she should not have engaged with opponents online after being accused of doctoring a message on her Facebook page.


Ms Allan last night issued a video statement following what she described as the "weirdest" week of her political career - but today the video was no longer on her Facebook page.

It comes after protesters staged a demonstration at Southwater Square calling for her to resign. They have pledged to hold more protests.

Ms Allan became the centre of a social media row after it was claimed that she had added the words "unless you die" to a quote from a message she said she had received.

Critics accused her of embellishing the story, but the Telford MP said she had drawn upon two separate messages and has apologised for creating a "misleading impression".

Many Telford residents responded with outrage and more than 1,000 people have signed an online campaign calling for her to resign.

In the short video, Ms Allan said: "I know that most people don't hide behind creepy aliases or spend their time on Twitter trying to whip up a fury. These people don't represent Telford, these people are not Telford. I also know I should not have engaged with these people on social media."

Her video statement also said: "Last week was without doubt the weirdest of my political life so far. It was never about my use of social media, it was only ever about activists unhappy they didn't get the MP they wanted, frustrated they didn't get the Government they wanted and angry that this Government has had to implement tough decisions to keep this country on track.

"Now I've got a contract with Telford and I am going to go on delivering that contract. No amount of unhappy activists or Twittersphere fury is going to get in the way."

Saturday's protest was attended by about 30 people.

Leanne Ridgeway, of Wellington, one of the organisers, said: "For a cold and rainy day in Telford we were pleased with the turnout. It has been a great success. We got 70 signatures on the petition in just over an hour.

"We don't think she will go easily. We are planning to hold more demonstrations.

"Lucy's conduct is unacceptable, I see this as a trust issue.

"MPs must be held accountable for their conduct, in any other job, this conduct would be unacceptable. If an MP cannot be trusted with emails, she cannot be trusted to represent us in Parliament and should step down."

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