Shropshire Star

A foodies paradise' but also an historic site offering a decent pint

It's a pub that heralds back to the Tudor Age, but has always kept a keen eye on the future.

Historic and welcoming, the Combermere Arms is a place with a lot to offer

The Combermere Arms in Burleydam, near Whitchurch, is a pub with a lot of history, having been built during the 16th century on the land of Sir George Cotton as a reward for his service to King Henry VIII.

The land the pub was built on was part of Combermere Abbey and the pub has existed as an alehouse in some way or shape since then, with the interior still bearing much of that time through the beams.

The Combermere Arms is based on the edge of the village

Since being gifted to the landowner by the King, the pub has become a popular part of the village, which is set on the A525 heading out of Whitchurch towards the Cheshire border.

It was sold to Greenall's in 1930, then a freehold under Dave and Margaret Sutton in the 1990s, before being bought and given an extensive refurbishment by Brunning & Price.

The current pub carries an airy, open plan feeling and has been run by Greg Williams and his team for the last two years, who came in after they were offered the opportunity by the pub restaurant group.