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Walking with Dinosaurs presenter officially opens 'Land of the Beasts' attraction

An immersive new attraction featuring animatronics of extinct creatures from the last Ice Age officially opened last weekend when television presenter Nigel Marven visited Hoo Zoo & Dinosaur World in Telford.

Nigel Marven opens the Land of the Beasts at Hoo Zoo. Photo: Hoo Zoo & Dinosaur World

Nigel Marven is a renowned British wildlife television presenter, producer, author, and naturalist, known for his dynamic and hands-on approach to wildlife filmmaking. He began his career at the BBC, working alongside Sir David Attenborough on acclaimed documentaries such as The Trials of Life before being the presenter for the groundbreaking series, Walking with Dinosaurs.

During the official opening of the ‘Land of the Beasts’ attraction at the zoo, Nigel Marven cut a ribbon before meeting a ‘sell-out crowd’ of fans. Over the course of the weekend, Mr Marven also presented several animal encounters including one with a venomous Beaded Lizard.

Visitors to the zoo’s new Land of the Beasts attraction can come face to face with life-size animatronics representing a Wooly Mammoth, Wooly Rhinoceros, the terrifying Andrewsarchus and a range of other formidable creatures from the Ice Age.

"We are delighted that Nigel has now officially opened our incredible new attraction." Said Hoo Zoo and Dinosaur World owner, Will Dorrell.

"The new animatronics have gone down well with visitors to the zoo this half term. Nigel has a huge fan base and we’re delighted that both days that he joined us we have had sell-out crowds. All weekend there has been a huge queue to grab a selfie with him and to get an autograph.

"The natural woodland setting of the new attraction guarantees an immersive experience, and we hope that guests will continue to enjoy Land of the Beasts for years to come."

By Martin Blyth-Sweetingham - Contributor

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