Shropshire Star

A night to remember for Shropshire’s cricket stars

The achievements of clubs and Community champions were recognised with the Shrosphire Star awards at the Presentation Evening held at the Albright Hussey Hotel near Shrewsbury.


The Star has been supporting the Cricket Shropshire Presentation Evening for more than 20 years now – many thanks to them for continued backing.

Junior Club of the Year – Allscott Heath

Schools and Community Project Officer Sacha Lee said: “Allscott Heath have been going through a huge transformation with their facilities have also benefitted from a lot of work off the field to compliment the facility upgrade.

“They have seen huge growth in Junior numbers particularly across All Stars and Dynamos. This has also seen the number of females in the club reach record levels.

“School links are stronger than ever and everything looks set for a bumper year in 2024.”

The Inspire Award – Acton Reynald

Sacha said: “Acton Reynald may not still have been in existence but for the work they carried out during last winter.

|On the verge of collapse and no fresh volunteers to support, the Board decided to offer some support and embarked on a 12-month plan to give them a fighting chance.

“A husband and wife team Richard and Lesley Manby decided that they would be the driving forces if SCB were to support.

“They accredited as coaches, they fulfilled Safeguarding requirements and signed up to All Stars and Dynamos - SCB promoted in local schools.

“Impressively, the programmes were delivered with more than 30 children in attendance and five of the dads offered to play for the club along with invigorating their Women's Softball team with regular attendance of more than 14 players and have been on the local softball scene regularly during the summer.

“They also received offers of help and support and we now look forward to a winter of preparation for 2024.”

The winners of the inspire award are Acton Reynald CC.

Beyond the Boundary Ambassadors – Frankie Williams and Sally Harris

Darrell Corfield said: “We are very lucky in our County to be blessed with two of the best Schools Games officers in the business.

“School Games Officers have several key roles: to coordinate appropriate competitive opportunities for all young people from Key Stage 2-4, to recruit, train, and deploy a suitable workforce, and to support the development of club opportunities for all young people.

“From a cricketing and Shropshire sense Frankie and Sally have helped us offer cricket festivals/comps throughout Telford &Wrekin which has set the bar high for the rest of the county.

“Their admin is second to none which takes a lot of pressure off our resources. They are happy to support our initiatives with promotion and facilities.

“They have also opened doors into schools that we ourselves have struggled to make contact with and this has allowed us to provide cricket to a wider audience.”

“From my point of view they are a pleasure to work alongside and we as a board are grateful for their continued support.”

Beyond the Boundary Community Champion – Hafeez Ur Rehmann

Sacha said: “When I took on the role of Communities Officer 2 and a half years ago, my first ever project was over in Donnington Telford.

“A little wet behind the ears and having no community connections, I booked an indoor venue with a glitter ball – very impractical for a community cricket session

“Along came a couple of families and we were forced to take the activity on to the social club car park where we had enough space and less change of breakages… by the main road.

“Hafeez supported from day one. Enjoying the session – engaging, grabbing the flying balls off the road – and from that day on.we haven’t looked back

“Hafeez and his family have been on this journey of Community coaching with myself and the team from the very start – he is also a membersof Lilleshall CC both father and son representing their club.

“He went onto support with the Donnington STREET Project as we finally took it to a field- not a car park… that was progress!!

“He has since been a regular supporter at my Interfaith Chance to Shine STREET sessions on a Saturday afternoon, supporting with coaching, encouraging the participants with softball and hardball. He was so proud when he got given a SCB shirt to wear at coaching sessions.

“He has gone on to complete his Foundation 1 coaching badge and is certainly an outstanding dad when it comes to encouraging his son Raffay on his pathway journey and with his two daughters Eman and Raiqua as they regularly attend our Women and Girls community STREET CRICKET sessions on a Saturday.

“I genuinely adore and appreciate all the help and support you have given me personally and I know the community coaching team do to.

“Not only does you have the best, biggest encouraging smiles – but also the best hugs.”

Club of the Year 2023 – Wellington CC

“Since relegation back from the Birmingham League a few years ago, Welling have under the stewardship of Chair Steve Oliver put in place a strong off-field team who have built on a plan that has seen the club through, doing things properly become probably the largest club in the County.

“The off-field structure and culture has enabled the on-field activity to grow, with five senior teams, all age groups covered, with even three U13 teams.

“They have girls and women's teams and most recently became one our three Disability Hubs.

“To sustain this requires a loyal and dedicated volunteer workforce, so credit to all of those people who have put time into this club with the icing on the cake being the on-field achievements.

“This year saw their 1st XI promoted back to the Birmingham League with a thrilling play-off victory, and they also achieved national success winning the Vitality Club Plate competition representing Shropshire at Derbyshire’s County Ground.”