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Oswestry Cricket Club disappointed to hear of relegation online

Oswestry Cricket Club have expressed their ‘disappointed’ at finding out they were relegated from the Shropshire Premier League on social media.


The club, who were only relegated from Birmingham League in 2021, found out on Friday they will be playing in division one of the Shropshire League next year.

The decision comes after Wem were relegated from the Birmingham League and a Shropshire club were not promoted in league play-offs – leaving 13 teams in the Shropshire League for 2023.

A statement on Oswestry Cricket Club’s Twitter page said: “The Club is deeply disappointed to have learnt via social media of its relegation to division one. “While the manner in which this information was communicated, without clubs being notified first, has surprised many. Oswestry CC respects the league’s decision, acknowledging that we finally paid the price for losing games we played well enough to win.”

Gordon Smith, chairman of the Shropshire County Cricket League, said the way the information was revealed followed the league’s normal procedure.

“We always do it, everybody finds out at the same time what has happened for next season and the placements. “We had to either relegate three and promote two or relegate two and promote one.

“The committee looked at it and decided it would be three down and two up. “The general consensus was you should promote success.”

“If you finish second in the league you deserve to be promoted.”