Letter: Renewable power is not the answer

All this rubbish talk about electric cars in the UK . . . when the electricity does not remotely exist to power them!

Renewable power is not the answer
Renewable power is not the answer

With UK wind-generated electricity down to a minuscule 1180 megawatts and 30 million electric cars requiring 150,000 MW continuously for eight hours to charge them, just to travel 143 miles each. Our politicians must be bonkers! Where is their common sense?

We in the UK, need 60000mw on top of this 150,000 MW to power our homes, offices, factories and hospitals, so the total is 210,000 MW, without the further needs of electric lorries, vans, trains, buses et al!! Yet we are due to close fossil fuel power stations and generate all our electricity from renewables!!

Well ,the sun is producing zilch in the dark (and very, very little in winter when it is dark for up to 18 hours a day), and the wind is little better with 1180 MW at present! Yet all our politicians can talk about is “more electricity charging points for electric cars in rural Wales!!”

Wake up for goodness sake!! There is no electricity to power anything else, let alone 30 million electric cars! So what’s the point of charging points? Electric cars are a useless non-starter; literally!

Why these ideas of electric cars and closure of fossil fuel power stations?

How much proof do you all need? Check gridwatch.templar.co.uk, the national grid website!

We are being blindly led into a major disaster by innumerate non-technical people! Renewable energy can never power the UK! That much is blindly obvious!

Lyn Jenkins

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