Is it up to us now as individuals?

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November is the season of treason, powder and plot.

Today's EU Independence situation in Parliament is similar to the Tony Blair Hunting with Hounds 1997 to 2005 in time span and controversy, but is Boris trying to pull a Blair on us?

Labour mostly won the elections because they gained votes from millions who supported their manifesto to ban hunting with hounds.

The problem with using single issue groups to prop up votes is always that, once you give them what they want, they stop voting for you. Labour sussed out that if the banned hunting with hounds before the 2005 election they would lose the votes of hunting ban supporters. so they 'ran the Hunting with dogs Act out of time' before calling the election with the promise that 'Vote for us today and we will get it through tomorrow'.

Are we about to witness Boris using this Blair tactic again? 'Independence is nearly there, vote for me in a General Election and I'll get it done, promise!

Boris has had to go cap in hand a beg the EU for another extension and keep giving them a billion Pounds sterling a month, wonder why they are so keen to grant endless extensions? I am writing to the EU to tell them that I've left the EU on October 31, 2019, and no longer consider myself an EU citizen, maybe as the Rump of Parliament are still failing to initiate the will of the people in the Independence Day vote, it's up to us now to leave as individuals.

Gordon Fanthom, Swindon

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