What has 40 years in EU done for the UK? Absolutely nothing

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Following on from my letter dated April 5 extolling the good to be seen on the TV from one’s armchair, there is unfortunately another side to this wonderful country of ours.

After four decades of being in the European Union what do we have? Litter despoils every railway line and roadside. Annually, 200,000 bags of litter are cleared from the motorways alone, Shropshire Star April 2, this is appalling.

Chewing gum is disgustingly widespread over pavements and public open spaces everywhere.

Graffiti, such mindless daubings cover too many surfaces spoiling the pleasure of travelling anywhere on public transport. Vandalism has long ago got out of control, anti-social behaviour and criminality is ever on the increase.

On the roads, just about every road from byroad to motorway is deteriorating through lack of funding for repairs which means most journeys involve pothole dodging.

Unrestricted immigration means that for all the good people we receive there are far too many who are simply too costly to support. We have to control who we let into this wonderful United Kingdom, for ours as well as their benefit.

The Remainers really need to read the newspapers to see all the good that has arisen since the referendum but more importantly that which the Leavers have highlighted in their letters explaining the failings of the flawed EU.

A good many of these issues can only be tackled with a change in attitudes but more importantly by using the billions of pounds which go to the EU with no benefit to the UK. This we can spend on tackling so many of these issues through increased funding of services.

Interestingly we now have our PM saying in the Shropshire Star dated April 4 that our situation must improve when we no longer have to send ‘vast sums’ to Brussels.

Just what do the Remainers think is so good about staying in this failed experiment? I have asked the question before: “What good has 40 years of the EU done us?”. The short answer is absolutely nothing!

Peter Harman, Tibberton


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