Let’s hope that bluff and bluster over North Korea remains just that

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I can remember how the press and media were warning us about impending doom and tragedy before Ronald Reagan was first elected, “He’s too old… he’ll press the button whilst in a confused state of mind”.

Kim Jong-un

It’s all very comical looking back. Ronald Reagan served two terms, and the media heralded him as one of the best presidents ever elected.

Fast forward to the situation the world is in now. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un making empty threats of war with the United States.

This situation reminds me of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in the Second World War, which in part brought America into the situation of entering the fray. America then made it quite clear of their intentions, they dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The result as we all know was devastating, and a situation everyone hoped that we would never have to face again, but this time we have two massive egos facing each other.

Kim Jong-un is a dictator with the mind of a child who has murdered those who dared to question his authority, this as we know included members of his own family. He is just like the child who throws his toys out of the pram of things don’t go the way that he wants.

Well, say what you want about Donald Trump, but the people of America elected him. We all knew he had held no political office before this, that probably is why people voted for “his truth”. He’s a businessman, and like Kim has a massive ego, he does things his way, so naturally if he, or the American people are threatened by a pocket-sized blusterer, then he is going to act.

While we know that ‘The Donald’ is not a politician, Kim chooses to ignore the fact that he is a businessman, and if he is foolhardy enough to carry out this wild threat against one of this world’s major powers, he will find out that Mr Trump does mean business, I just hope for all our sakes that bluff and bluster is what it remains.

Martin Eddies, Shrewsbury


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