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I read in the local and national press that BT has “volunteered” to spend up to £600 million on further broadband infrastructure.

All of us should have a minimum speed of 10Mbs apparently.

I wonder what they really mean by “connecting” us all to fibre broadband?

Hereabouts it means that our roadside cabinets have advertisements on them, to the effect that fibre broadband is now available.

Well, no it isn’t actually.

Premises here are all still connected to these cabinets (some as far away as two kilometres) by, yes, you guessed it; the same old copper wire.

So the high speed stuff gets to a roadside cabinet but not to the premises we are told are now connected.

It’s like driving a more powerful car but with the handbrake on.

The (up to) £600 million (which sounds wearily like an “up to” speed claim from BT itself), will probably result in yet more Fibre To The Cabinet, FTTC, and little actual improvement in speed to premises.

Can’t we manage a bit of basic honesty here, instead of the current complacency of a job half done?

Peter Cartledge, Tetchill


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