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Peter Rhodes on circular arguments, flirty AI and how American boots on the ground change history

The political parties are trying out their election slogans. This week Prime Minister Rishi Sunak forecast an unsafe few years ahead in which Britain would be safer under the Tories than Labour. He didn't actually say: “Vote Labour and the nukes'll get you!” but we got the gist, didn't we?

Meghan – more popular than Harry?

The crowds in Nigeria were reportedly more interested in Meghan than in Harry. Rings a bell? Do we recall a series of royal visits in the last century when all eyes were on a glamorous princess, and her husband allegedly got very jealous? That didn't end well.

A circular argument is one that comes back to its beginning and proves nothing. Like the flyer I received from a carpet-cleaning firm this week. It explains that “permanent stains” may be visible after cleaning and “the fact that they are permanent means that there is nothing we can do about them.” Er, quite.