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Peter Rhodes on fake stamps, a landmark in Ukraine and does anyone care about their privacy?

I have no idea whether, as some pundits suggest, the epidemic of fake postage stamps is the work of China. But I am reminded of a theory that World War III will begin not with a nuclear explosion but with people logging on to their bank accounts and discovering none of us has any money.

Where's all the money gone?

A fascinating online guide to unnecessary gadgets in modern cars focuses on such needless, talent-wasting gizmos as CCTV cameras replacing wing mirrors. It also mentions an innovation known as the Toy Box which offers a range of entertaining novelties, presumably to make the journey seem shorter. It features a whoopee cushion which generates a noisy blast of flatulence which can be directed beneath the car seat of your choice. I bet the M25 simply flies by.

Enjoy such fripperies while ye may. There's a chance that before long the great car factories of Europe and America will be working flat out to produce not electronic-fart machines but seriously-needed items such as tanks, artillery shells and drones.