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Peter Rhodes on taxing the car, a black-and-white success and looking for a victim in a tax yarn

The best political scandals must have a victim, a villain and a clear morality tale that even the dimmest can understand. Something like a prime minister eating cake while Covid victims perish.

Angela Rayner's tax affairs – anyone interested?

In contrast , the tax affairs of Labour's deputy leader Angela Rayner may excite a few Whitehall hacks but I suspect they are just too boring and complicated to rouse the interest of mere mortals. When I hear the blokes down the pub snarling about this issue, I'll let you know.

I did something this week I have never done before. I applauded the telly; physically, spontaneously clapped at the screen as a series ended. Ripley (Netflix) is a clever, engrossing thriller, filmed in black and white for added atmosphere. Outstanding.