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Peter Rhodes on jackpots, generosity and generating images of unlikely people

Last week's £61 million EuroMillions jackpot has inspired a massive amount of online debate, much of it from people telling the world how munificently generous they would be if only they had such riches.

Who are you calling a Viking?

The gist of it, distilled from a dozen typical texts, is that if they won a multi-million jackpot they would instantly solve all their family feuds, buy lovely houses and smart cars for their relatives and friends, while bunging cheques to many charities. How easy it is to be generous with money you haven't got.

I am reminded of a friend who, many years ago when the National Lottery was launched, solemnly promised that if she won £10 million, she would would give us £1 million. On her first lottery she won a prize. It wasn't £10 million. It was £10. And when I suggested she might give us £1 of her winnings, she told me not to be daft.