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Peter Rhodes on executions, crossbows and how we envy our friends

The Life and Death of Lady Jane Grey (BBC), ended with her beheading in 1554 which was dignified, efficient, private and almost painless. Contrast this with the vile spectacle last month as the state of Alabama put Kenneth Smith to death by suffocating him with nitrogen. Smith reportedly writhed and gasped for 20 minutes before he died. Not much to show for 470 years of progress, is it?

Madness unchecked (stock image).

Next time, instead of using nitrogen, perhaps the US authorities should try another gas, hydrogen, which would be much quicker, although it would require the execution team to be fast on their feet as the execution process begins: 1) turn on the gas, 2) offer the accused a final cigarette, 3) run like hell.

You may consider the above item in poor taste. My only concern is putting ideas in Trump's head.