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Peter Rhodes on an old college, a monarch's death and the 'appalling vista' that put postmasters behind bars

I referred recently to the University of Central Lancashire which is the uni I attended. Except that when I was there all those years ago it was plain old Harris College.

Queen Elizabetth II – a blissful passing

I always took pride in being a lad from the tech, rather than a graduate. I recently discovered that when the place was founded in 1828 it was The Institution for the Diffusion of Knowledge. What a great name and what a fine mission statement. I wonder how many of today's universities have such a clear, confident vision of their purpose, or is it all about making money?

First, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps irritates the navy by asking its top brass “to justify the Royal Marines' existence.” Then he allegedly irritates the Yanks with his comment “Watch this space” before the Yemen bombing missions were over. Shapps may be the victim of some negative briefing but maybe he'd cope better if he'd ever spent a day in uniform. Surely anyone holding the top defence job should at least have some military service.