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Peter Rhodes on property prices, poor parenting and the joy of dining on Dobbin

Here we go again. The New Year begins with yet another dire warning that property prices are falling – down 4.5 per cent from their high point in the summer of 2022. Well, so what?

James Daly MP – row over parents.

Why do we greet every drop in prices, or cut in inflation, as good news - except when it comes to bricks and mortar? Houses are far too expensive, gobbling up vast amounts from family budgets. We'd all be a lot better off if, quietly at dead of night before the New Year dawned, a single zero was removed from the price of every home in the land.

James Daly MP claims that most children in his constituency who are struggling are “the products of crap parents”. Havoc breaks loose as he is denounced on all sides for breaking the first rule of politics: on social issues, never blame anyone for anything.