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Peter Rhodes on tunnelling, a seasonal bug and the outlook for a famous old barge

There is, as the saying goes, a lot of it about. I have been laid low over the past few days by a devilish blend of cold-like symptoms: coughing, sneezing, night sweats and suchlike. I self-tested for Covid-19, (negative) then turned to that most useful online guide, the NHS A to Z symptom checker.

Impressive - The Tunnels of Gaza

Now, here’s a strange thing. Under Section C of the A to Z guide you will find plenty to digest about cold sores, colic, cognitive behavioural therapy and loads of other stuff starting with C, but there’s not a word about colds.

Assuming the NHS might have chosen to lump every cold-like condition under flu, I turned to Section F which has plenty on flu but only after you’ve ploughed through a long and moderately amusing section on farting. The F section reassures us: “Everyone farts, some people more than others.” I wonder which poor devil did that research.