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Peter Rhodes on Putin's plan, begging-bowl time and the intolerable strain of the deep blue yonder

Begging-bowl time again. An email from the Guardian pleads: “Will you support us? The planet needs us urgently.”

Pushing pilots beyond their limits

The planet, indeed? Click on the link and a digital clock of the type usually associated with unexploded bombs, ticks away the days, hours, minutes and seconds we have left to send the Guardian money, as though the planet's entire existence hangs on it.

I will pay up, just as I did this time last year, because it's nice to hear what the wacky Left is thinking and this rare example of dazzling, eye-watering, 100 per cent chromium-plated, boundless and unashamed self-satisfaction, should not go unrewarded.

Incidentally, Guardian. Any progress on that inquiry into the paper's early links with the slave trade?