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Peter Rhodes on missing hostages, a royal engagement and the ultimate wrecker of car springs

It's six years ago this week since Harry and Meghan announced their engagement. Somehow seems longer, doesn't it?

Harry and Meghan - engaged (IMAGE FROM 2017)

Here we go again. The traditional build-up to Christmas begins with warnings that one or more items for the Christmas dinner is off, owing to a poor harvest. So what? I bet you can name about a dozen Xmas-related foodstuffs. Given the British climate, it's no surprise that some of them have better harvests than others. What we lose on the parsnips, we gain on the sprouts.

Coming next in the yule-news agenda? Watch out for a batty cleric telling kids that there is no Father Christmas. Actually, from those millions of piles of presents to Rudolph's half-eaten carrot, there is a massive amount of circumstantial evidence for Santa's existence. Can you say the same about the Almighty, your reverence?