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Mark Andrews: James Bond's Chinese puzzle, a strike we can all support, and Vernon Kay replacing Ken Bruce

Just when you think you have seen it all... a sign outside a public toilets, prohibiting the consumption of food and drink. Nice to know there are some discerning customers around. I wonder how many stars it got for its hygiene rating.

Just when you think you have seen it all...,

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Hacked by the Chinese?

Ian Fleming's James Bond novels are being edited to make them more in keeping with the woke sensitivities of modern-day Britain. 'Outdated' language and scenes are being removed.

But if we are going to make James Bond relevant to the age we live in, the plot-lines will need updating too.

For starters, M should really be on sick leave pending an investigation into allegations of ministerial bullying. Miss Moneypenny's only contact with Bond would be through an online meeting. And you hate to think what the health and safety bods would make of Bond's approach to risk assessments.