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Swan caught on camera using zebra crossing in Telford

A plucky swan needing to get across a busy Telford road, didn't want to risk its neck on Thursday morning so it decided to use a zebra crossing.

Why did the swan cross the road?

Morning commuters had to stop at the crossing when the feathered pedestrian decided to take cross Grange Avenue outside Telford Park School in Stirchley.

Motorists and passengers on the the number 11 bus sat bemused as the bird waddled across the road.

The traffic conscious bird was snapped by construction worker Spencer Clayton, who was walking to his site at the time.

He said the swan made it across the road safely after morning commuters stopped at the crossing to allow it to get to the other side.

He said: "I was walking around our building site in Stirchley near Brookside.

"All the traffic stopped and our site gateman went to make sure the swan was safe."