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Shropshire in 2023: A year in your Instagram pictures

We've taken a look back at some of our favourite pictures that you've shared with us this year.

Ian Haycox took this incredible photograph on October 17 near Bridgnorth

From stunning sunsets to the Shropshire hills, we've been tagged in hundreds of your Instagram snaps this year.

So we've taken a dive through some of our favourites, to share a look back on 2023 through the lens of our readers.

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In a shot that looks particularly familiar right now, @js_photo21 caught this view of St Chad's looking out over the rooftops of Shrewsbury on a grim day.

@js_photo21 caught this view of St Chad's on January 11

A few days later, Ross Jones of @shropshire_drone took this photograph of a particularly angry River Severn over Atcham near Shrewsbury.

Dramatic drone photos by Ross Jones of @shropshire_drone at Atcham near Shrewsbury

A cold snap in mid-January left at least one happy pup delighted by the snow, taken by in Sheriffhales. took this picture on January 19

As January turned to February, @ben24pugh took this photograph of a heart-shaped cloud over Ludlow.

Taken by @ben24pugh on January 31

In mid-February, a serenading song thrush snapped in silhouette at Hanwood by @lab_rat_jan.

Taken by @lab_rat_jan on February 15

The sunrise colours and the almost-alien structures of the radar station on Titterstone Clee Hill give this photo by @byronbizzle an otherworldly feel.

Out of this world picture taken by @byronbizzle on February 20

The following month, a Shropshire sunset was caught by @carolmafourie, with the distinctive Jackfield Bridge - or the 'Batman Bridge' as one commenter called it - in the Ironbridge Gorge.

This sunset picture at the Jackfield Bridge was taken by @carolmafourie in March

Another flurry of the white stuff covered much of the county in snow in March - which gave @mchesworthphotography the chance to snap this photograph of Shrewsbury's distinctive Quantum Leap sculpture covered in snow.

@mchesworthphotography took this photograph on March 10

As winter 2023 came to an end, @macs__pics snapped a more summery scene in Ironbridge at the end of March.

@macs__pics took this photograph in March as winter turned to spring

In April, @pauljyatesphotography took this drone-photograph of the 'grandfather of skyscrapers' - Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings.

@pauljyatesphotography took this photograph of Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings on April 7

In May, @jones19671967 was able to snap the majestic 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley, one of Britain's fastest ever steam locomotives, as it puffed past the Sutton Bridge Junction Signal Box in Shrewsbury on May 10.

@jones19671967 took this photograph on May 10

A stunning sunset over the Stiperstones was caught by @photomic.b in late May.

@photomic.b took this photograph of a stunning sunset in May

On June 11, @keggy7 snapped the always-impressive Red Arrows entertaining crowds at the Cosford Air Show.

The Red Arrows over Cosford in June, taken by @keggy7

In mid-June, contributor Steve Evans modestly described this dramatic photo of the summer storms over Shrewsbury as a "lucky shot".

Steve Evans took this "lucky shot" over Shrewsbury in June

@carolmafourie caught this picture of rowers making ripples on the river down at Ironbridge, disturbing the reflection of a softly sunset-speckled summer sky in August.

@carolmafourie took this photograph in Ironbridge in August

Later that month, some of the Long Mynd's famous wild ponies were photographed by @dandyliongem under bright blue skies.

@dandyliongem took this photograph of the wild ponies on the Long Mynd in August

As August gave way to September, @heleddowen took this photograph of a paraglider sailing into the sunset.

Paragliding into the sunset; what a feeling that must be! Taken by @heleddowen

September also gave photographers the chance to catch a shot of the Northern Lights, just like this incredible photograph from @owenjwatts

@owenjwatts took this photograph in September

In October, this fantastic photograph of a rainbow appearing to disappear into a cloud was taken near Bridgnorth by Ian Haycox.

Ian Haycox took this incredible photograph on October 17 near Bridgnorth

With autumn well and truly among us in November, @laurenbywaterphotography took this stunning photograph in Ellesmere.

Autumn in Ellesmere. A stunning shot by @laurenbywaterphotography

By December, frost had taken hold at Weston Park, photographed beautifully by @ammesox.

This amazing photograph in Weston Park was taken by @ammesox on December 4

And just over a week ago, residents around the country were left stunned by the appearance of rare 'rainbow clouds'. As photographed here over Telford by @lost_girl_adventures10.

The rare nacreous clouds were caught on camera over Telford by @lost_girl_adventures10 on December 21