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'The PM is having kittens' – Rishi Sunak's face appears on pregnant Bloxwich cat

Volunteers at a Black Country cat rescue centre were amazed to see the Prime Minister's face on the fur of a pregnant rescue cat.

Can you see the PM on China?

Rishi Sunak might have "been having kittens" over his cabinet this week but at Tracy's Cat Kittie Rescue, Bloxwich, they had the real thing.

The pregnant cat was saved from a West Bromwich care home and was nursed through her pregnancy by the rescue volunteers.

Can you see the PM's face in China's fur?

After taking a photo they spotted a likeness of the Prime Minister's face on her fur.

Volunteer Simone Ward told the Express & Star: "The more we looked at her fur, the more we realised it looked the Prime Minister.

"Then we posted the picture on Facebook and everyone was saying the same thing. We rescued her and decided to call her China because Rishi Sunak was talking about China at the time. She eventually gave birth to five kittens and we are thinking about names for them, maybe Theresa Meaow will be one them."

Tracy Smith runs the cat rescue centre and is constantly trying to raise funds to care for all the cats which need help.

Simone said: "Tracy does such an amazing job, and now she has five more kittens to look after which need to be adopted. China is doing well, however, now her fur is no longer stretched Rishi is no more. We had a few people say it could be photoshopped but we wouldn't know where to start with that type of thing!"

For more information or to donate to the charity visit Tracy's Cat Kittie Rescue Facebook page.

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