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RSPCA hospital asks volunteers to donate baby socks for recovering animals

The RSPCA explained that baby socks are used for animals recovering from operations and can even be turned into jumpers for kittens.

RSPCA asks for baby socks for its animals

An RSPCA branch in Putney, London, has released an appeal for volunteers to donate baby socks for its recovering animals.

The charity said that all animals – including cats, dogs and rabbits – can benefit from the clothing, which is used to keep them warm as they recover from anaesthetic.

The RSPCA explained that animals lose a lot of heat through their paws, and that the socks can even be used to make jumpsuits for kittens.


Emma Turner, ward supervisor at RSPCA Putney, said: “We are running low on baby socks for the animals here and would be very grateful for any spares people may have at home.

“Any keen knitters out there can help as knitted socks are great too.

“We can use socks for all sorts of purposes – to help animals retain heat as they come round from operations, and we have even turned them into little jumpers for our tiny orphaned kittens.”

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