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This US police force has an ingenious plan to stop thieves from stealing people’s festive packages

They call themselves the Santa Squad.

The Santa Squad is helping with packages (Comzeal/Getty Images)

A US police force in a suburban town in Utah is attempting to thwart parcel thefts over the festive period with what appears to be a foolproof solution: allowing residents to use the station’s address for deliveries.

The Woods Cross Police Department near Salt Lake City is operating what it calls the Santa Squad programme, where police will secure packages for safe collection, throughout December.

Packages sent to the department are directed to the Santa Squad and can later be picked up by the residents with matching IDs.

Officers can deliver packages to residents who are elderly or have special needs.

For those sneakily looking to fake their identity to steal packages, Butler said it won’t work.

He said: “I would be very surprised if somebody tried to pull a fast one on the police department and tried to get a package here that wasn’t for them.”

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