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Viral fight video gives terrifying insight into social media's speculating teenage armchair detectives

Those without a TikTok account may have missed an explosive teenage drama unfolding on small screens around the world over the last couple of days.

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Videos of the incident have accrued hundreds of thousands of views

Multiple videos of an apparent assault, which appears to have first done the rounds on Snapchat, have accrued hundreds of thousands of views from people all around the globe.

The clips show a young boy being kicked and pushed by a teenage girl in a park. Others watch on, at least one recording it, while the young boy is screaming for it to stop.

The incident has resulted in a huge amount of speculation, along with the leaking of names, addresses, phone numbers, number plates and school information.

People began searching the internet for any information they could find about those involved, with Google requests pinging in from as far away as the Philippines and Australia.

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