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What does AI chatbot ChatGPT think of your Shropshire town?

We asked ChatGPT to reveal what it 'thinks' about some of Shropshire's historic towns.

The chatbot described residents of Telford and Ironbridge as full of community identity and pride regarding of their rich history

Open-source, artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT took the world by storm when it was released in November last year.

The language processing tool allows users to have human-like conversations with a robot, using information gathered from a variety of digital sources.

Users have been using the AI system for everything from writing bedtime stories and creating patterns for knitting projects to composing their emails and completing work projects.

Wanting to put its data to the test, we asked the chatbot to describe people from some of Shropshire's towns.

By the look of it, the technology 'thinks' quite highly of us all.

An interesting experiment, but it's worth noting that even the AI system wanted to stress the dangers of stereotyping, responding to the request with: "People are unique... It's always best to approach people as individuals and avoid making assumptions based solely on their geographical location."

Here is what it said:


People from Shrewsbury are known for their friendliness, and proud of their "rich history, medieval architecture and picturesque town centre".

They have a "strong community spirit", and a special appreciation for the beautiful surrounding countryside.


People in Telford are known for being approachable and welcoming, and the town is thought of as having a vibrant and multicultural community.

With its rich industrial heritage, locals "take pride in their town's history and accomplishments" which can foster a great sense of community identity and pride.


Newport residents have a passion for supporting local businesses and independent shops and "actively seek out opportunities to shop locally and support the local economy".

The town is known for its family-friendly environment, with residents enjoying the town's parks, playgrounds, and family-oriented events.

Market Drayton

The north Shropshire market town is described as a "close-knit community" that sees residents come together for local events and initiatives.

Known for its "agricultural heritage", people in Market Drayton have an appreciation for locally-sourced food and "take an interest in supporting local farmers and businesses."


Oswestry is considered a "close-knit community" that possess a "sense of camaraderie".

Surrounded by beautiful countryside, residents of the border market town have "an appreciation for rural living".


Residents of Oswestry have an "active involvement in community initiatives", and contribute to the wellbeing and development of the community.

They have a sense of "civic pride and a desire to make a positive impact on the town".

The natural beauty of the surrounding area, including the Mere, means residents enjoy activities such as boating, walking, and wildlife watching.


People in Whitchurch are described as "friendly and welcoming" and exhibiting a "warm and hospitable attitude".

The natural beauty of the surrounding landscape has inspired a "love for rural living".


Situated on the banks of the River Severn, the town offers its residents scenic views and riverside walks that mean the locals have "an appreciation of the natural surroundings".

With many community events and initiatives, the town has a spirit of "neighbourliness" and "residents have a willingness to support and help one another".


Residents in Ironbridge have been inspired by their strong sense of heritage, and "have a deep appreciation for the town's industrial heritage and the impact it had on shaping the modern world".

Because of their rich heritage, people are engaged in community initiatives aimed at maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the area, and have a great sense of community pride.


People in Ludlow, a town renowned for its gastronomic scene, have a strong appreciation for history and culture, with a particular interest in food and drink.

Residents of the town exhibit a "warm and hospitable attitude towards visitors and residents alike".

Cleobury Mortimer

Cleobury Mortimer has a "close-knit community", and residents have a "strong sense of belonging and community spirit".

They enjoy the benefits of living in a picturesque countryside location and enjoy activities such as walking, hiking, or gardening.


Wem's small size and close community fosters "a strong sense of connection among resident".

Living rurally, residents from the town have an affinity for the countryside, enjoying outdoor activities in the surrounding landscapes.

Church Stretton

Surrounded by the picturesque Shropshire Hills, people of Church Stretton are thought of as "active and outdoorsy".

Despite its size, it has "a lively arts scene" and an appreciation for local charm. Given its small size, there is a close community with neighbours and friends looking out for one another.

The diverse age range in the town makes for a "well-rounded community".

Much Wenlock

Residents in Much Wenlock are "proud" folks. With the town's medieval architecture and Olympian Games past, residents take pride in their heritage and "have a good understanding of its historical significance".

With the thriving arts scene, the town is a full of people with interests in art, music and culture that value and support the local economy.


People in the small town of Clun, which is thought of as peaceful and idyllic, are described as appreciating the "slower pace of life".

Given the beauty of its locations, residents tend to favour hobbies such as walking, hiking, and exploring the surrounding areas.