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Frank-Steffen Walliser joins Bentley as new CEO

From July 1, Walliser will move from Porsche to the British car maker Bentley.


British car maker Bentley has appointed Porsche’s Frank-Steffan Walliser as its new CEO and chairman from July this year.

Walliser joined Porsche in 1995 after studying mechanical engineering with a focus on internal combustion engines and technology management. He had been loyal to the German car maker for nearly three decades but now he has decided to move on.

Back in 2010, he was the project leader and responsible for development of the future-oriented 918 Sypder supercar. He made a name for himself as head of motorsport before taking over management of the 911 and 718 production lines at the beginning of 2019. Since 2022, he has been in charge of vehicle development.

Bentley’s new V8 replaces the old W12 unit. (Credit: Bentley Media)

His move to Bentley comes after the car manufacturer showed ambitious plans with its vehicle production and future goals, having just ditched its legendary W12 engine in favour of a smaller and cleaner turbocharged V8. The brand is also aiming to become an electric-only vehicle maker by 2030.

Walliser said: “I am approaching this job with great respect and looking forward to having a team in Crewe that has shown impressive performance over the last few years. The continuing transformation of the automotive industry will be a major task for Bentley as well, a task that I am happy to take on with the team. I am convinced Bentley will continue to set standards in the luxury segment in the future.”

Gernot Dollner, Audi CEO said: “With his distinct technological expertise and experience in the luxury segment, Walliser will successfully lead Bentley into the electrified future.”

Walliser will take up his new post on July 1.

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