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New British coachbuilding firm launches to create the ‘most exclusive ultra-luxury cars’

Allesley aims to deliver ‘exquisite design and unparalleled quality’.

Allesley Coachbuilding

A new British coachbuilding firm has been launched to become the ‘paragon of automotive coachbuilding’.

Coventry-based firm Allesley will look to become a modern coachbuilder designing vehicles for both car manufacturers and private individuals looking to drive something completely bespoke.

Allesley Coachbuilding
Paul Abercrombie (left) and Chris Devane

Allesley will be based on the same site as partner firm HPL Prototypes, which already specialises in prototype manufacturing, concept management and low-volume bespoke vehicle building. It already produces prototypes for Bentley, Aston Martin and Lotus.

Chris Devane, chief executive of HPL Prototypes, said: “As we celebrate our 25th year, the time is right to launch Allesley. This remarkable and exciting new brand will draw on our world-leading expertise, and with a dedicated new team, bring to life bespoke vehicles for a new audience.”

HPL will continue to operate as a ‘separate but technologically linked’ brand to Allesley, helping it through its expertise in modelling, milling and painting.

Allesley’s first commission is a luxury SUV predicted to arrive next year. It’s based on an existing ‘world-leading’ vehicle, according to Allesley, but will come equipped with a new coachbuilt exterior and upgraded interior while retaining the feel of the original donor vehicle.

Paul Abercrombie, chief executive of Allesley, said: “Allesley’s first commission will redefine the standards by which bespoke vehicles are judged.

“It will blend world-class precision design and manufacturing with unparalleled quality, underscoring our position as the new global leader in ultra-luxurious coachbuilding, setting the tone for what will become a growing portfolio of some of the most exclusive vehicles ever seen.”

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