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Millennials more likely to undertake ‘minor’ car repairs than baby boomers – survey

New research shows that older generations are more likely to ask a local workshop to conduct work.

Car Repairs

More than a quarter of millennials would undertake their own car repairs to save money instead of paying a professional, a new survey has uncovered.

In contrast, just 18 per cent of ‘baby boomers’ – someone born between 1946 and 1964 – would want to do these repairs themselves and would rather pay a local workshop.

Gen Z drivers – anyone born from 1997 onwards – are also quite keen to fix smaller aspects of their vehicles themselves, with 23 per cent of those questioned happy to undertake these jobs.

Dr Tony Tong, head of automotive at eBay UK, which conducted the survey, said: “As the cost of living continues to rise, motorists are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their running costs across the board.

“This trend towards DIY repairs, spurred on by interest from younger generations, is something we expect to keep rising – converting more and more motorists into enthusiast home mechanics.”

The survey spoke to 1,535 UK car owners in total. Windscreen wipers were seen as the easiest fix, with more than half of those questioned happy to replace them at home. In fact, eBay states that its 2022 sales reflect this, with the online retailer selling enough wipers that they could stretch from Oxford to Edinburgh.

A fifth of drivers would be happy to replace their car’s door mirrors, too, which could save up to £54.85 for an MOT retest due to a failed part.

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