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Excellent food and warm welcome from pub which keeps things fresh

As pubs continue to battle the cost of living crisis, the Shropshire Star continues its Love Your Local series which celebrates our local inns.

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The Shrewsbury Arms is striking and a firm part of the community

Sitting on the edge of a quiet Shropshire village is a striking-looking pub which provides a warm welcome and food that brings people in from miles around.

The Shrewsbury Arms in Albrighton has become a multi-purpose pub, forming a place to go and have a drink with friends, a place to be on a night out and also a place to get your taste buds into something tasty.

Built in the 1600s, the pub is based on the edge of the village opposite St Mary Magdelene church and is easy to spot from any direction with an exterior of brick and timber which show the history in the building.

Inside, the pub is a large and spacious place with modern decorations all around, from glass chandeliers to panelled wooden flooring and a stone effect fireplace.

The restaurant area is even more elaborate, with patterned seating and big tables, as well as a large piano and an arched entrance way.

The Shrewsbury Arms has undergone many changes over the years, with current owner Katie Hughes having run the pub with her husband for around 11 years and turned the pub into the modern place it has become.

She said: "Years ago, back in the 1960s, it was very much a locals and RAF pub, because of the proximity to the RAF base and even had a skittles alley at the back, which is now the back of the restaurant.