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Telford woman appeals for help after chicken moves into her garden - and refuses to leave

A Telford householder is appealing for help because a cheeky chicken has taken up residence in her garden and refuses to leave.

The plucky new tenant in Mrs Gower's garden

Julie Gower said the errant hen turned up around a month ago, and despite her best efforts to capture it, it has evaded her attempts and has made its home in the bushes of her garden near Grange Avenue in Stirchley.

She said she believed it had escaped from a nearby small holding, but says she fears it could get hit by traffic if it is not rehoused.

"It can fly, so its wings are not clipped and I did try to catch it but I nearly got myself run over," Mrs Gower said.

"It is costing me a fortune in feed it but I can't let it starve. I've asked local smallholdings if it is there's but nobody has come forward."

She said she was hoping somebody in the area who keeps chickens may wish to adopt the hen.

"I want to reach out to anybody with a small holding who can take her in. It will need somebody with a net to catch it - she's very quick, but she needs to be taken to a nice rural location where she is out of the way.

"I feel it needs an expert who knows how to care and handle chickens."

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