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Boar, wolves... and three zebras? Dozens of wild and exotic animals live as pets in Shropshire

New data has shown around 2,700 wild animals are being kept privately in the UK - and over 100 of them are right here in Shropshire.

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Wolves are among the list of wild animals that residents have been allowed to keep at private residences in Shropshire

A study from wildlife charity Born Free has taken a deep dive into dangerous animal licences issued by local councils and found at least 187 private addresses have been given the green light to house dangerous animals including lions, tigers and venomous reptiles.

The data shows that Shropshire has over 100 wild animals living in (or, more likely, outside) private homes.

Red areas indicate at least one wild animal held in that area, green areas do not have any licensed and grey areas did not respond to the charity information request. Image: Born Free

This includes 100 wild boar, six wolves, five camels and three zebras. In Telford and Wrekin, one private residence has the license for an ocelot, a medium-sized wild cat native to Central and South America.

There's just one private residence hosting a wild animal over the border in Powys - an ostrich.