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'He was the best boy': Emotional day for Telford zoo as beloved therapy fox dies aged 20

Telford's Exotic Zoo has said goodbye to one of its "foundational" residents with the death of 20-year-old therapy fox Yogi.

Yogi with head keeper, Ryan Jordan

Yogi the red fox had been with Telford Exotic Zoo's keepers for around 11 years after he was taken in as a rescue.

During that time he became a staple in the Dark Lane attraction's animal experiences as part of the animal therapy team, fathered a whopping 13 kits, and had thousands fall in love with his adorable antics on video.

Yogi made it to the impressive age of 20

Red foxes in the wild live between three and four years - and in captivity they usually live between 10 and 14. Making it to the grand old age of 20 means Yogi was among some of the oldest foxes in the world.