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Watch as shooting star seen as far as London 'lands in Telford'

A Telford couple were shocked to see that the CCTV camera had picked up a shooting star, just as it went crashing into the ground near their home.

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Social media users across the UK reported seeing a meteorite flying through the air in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Dozens of posts on X reported seeing the phenomenon from locations across the country, including London, Birmingham, Reading, Norfolk and Shrewsbury.

However, Julie and Keith Evans' CCTV camera picked up the phenomena just as the meteorite appeared to hit the ground behind their Telford home.

The couple from Dudmaston Road in Stirchley said they spotted the shooting star as he checked the security footage in the morning.

Julie Evans said: "We never heard anything, we slept through the night. It was only when Keith checked the security camera this morning that we saw it. We thought what the hell was that?

"I knew it was a shooting star but it was so low. I wanted to know where it landed it was that close. We have asked neighbours if they have any aliens in their garden, but nobody has reported anything."

Julie said she gave the footage, which was picked up by the couple's CCTV camera after it tripped the motion detector at around 2.15am on Saturday, to her son-in-law, amateur astronomer, Jase Garton.

He said: "I have been into astronomy for years so I know my meteors but what is interesting is that it was captured from Birmingham to London but I think the trajectory of it and the closeness of it on CCTV means has landed in Telford.

"Her houses faces towards the Brookside so I wouldn't be surprised if it landed on the Brookside ring road."

However, he added: "By the time it has done its last burn it'll be the size of a golf ball so you'll never find it unless it has hit something."