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Watch: What do people in Telford really think of the town named one of the 'ugliest' in the country?

Telford was named in a list of 'the ugliest places in the UK' by The Telegraph this week, and we weren't the only ones surprised by it.

What do residents and visitors really think about Telford being called one of the 'ugliest' towns in the country?

In light of the national newspaper reporting Ludlow among the prettiest places in the UK and Telford among the ugliest - third ugliest, to be exact - we took to the paths of Telford Town Park to talk to residents and visitors about how they feel about the judgement.

Between Telford's swathe of green spaces and the historic architecture on the town's high streets, visitors and residents were clearly confused by the conclusion.

"I'm surprised," said Jenny Brickliffe, visiting from Lichfield. "That's definitely not how I would describe it.

"I would definitely not describe it as one of the ugliest - I'm shocked. I think it's lovely, I really enjoy coming here."

"I can't see how they can justify it being called ugly," said Sandra Ball from Wolverhampton. "My daughter doesn't live in Telford either but she comes here a lot because there's such a lot do with her little girl, so many places like this to take her.

Carole Jones from Telford with Sandra Ball from Wolverhampton

"To be quite honest, Telford's a lot nicer than Wolverhampton."