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Residents call for action now on 'death risk' road in Telford

Concerned residents are calling for immediate action after a series of serious incidents where road deaths have been 'narrowly avoided'.

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Finger Road where Harp Lane crosses it. Local residents are concerned over speeding and traffic levels which have an effect on the crossing safety. Pictured are Collette Norry in the wheelchair and with her: Chad Davies, Stephen Norry, Graham Norry, Henry Crookshank from The White Horse Pub, Angela Lewis, Rob Wright, Kate Jones..

A summit meeting was held at a Telford pub on Tuesday where around 20 residents met with councillors and council officials to call for action in Finger Road, Dawley.

Resident Chad Davies says there have been three shocking recent crashes including a five-car pile up in the narrow residential road, and one where a car ploughed into an outside area of a pub where smokers usually stand.

A car ended up on its side by The White Horse pub. (Copy Pics)..

"In January the impact of one of the collisions pushed cars with their handbrakes on up the road and caused so much damage to mine that it was in for repairs for weeks," said Mr Davies. "The airbags in three of the cars went off.

"The driver was ushered away and a dog which was insecurely in the car was fine."

He added: "In another incident about two and a half months ago a drink driver's car span round 360 degrees and went up a ramp outside the White Horse pub. It was raining and there were no smokers there at the time."

He said the situation is the worst he has seen it in the 22 years he has been living in the area.

Mr Davies said he thinks the main issue is that when the Eastern Primary was closed for roadworks drivers found Finger Road to be a shorter route. There is also a chicane-style road layout which residents say makes matters worse.

"We need to get the traffic back down the more appropriate route," he said.

He said this may be done with a 20mph speed limit and a modernisation of traffic calming measures, including wider speed bumps.

But he said the meeting, at the White Horse pub, during which he spoke, was "very constructive" and had councillors and officers agreeing.

"Everyone was singing off the same hymn sheet," he said. "I spoke and as others came in they were making the same points.

"We are extremely concerned about the issue. We could have had deaths, and some years ago someone was.

"They should act as soon as possible and we will be keeping the pressure up at monthly residents meetings. We have a school and many old people in the area. The traffic is not appropriate for the road.

"Last night as a council officer pulled up three unlicensed motorcycles came hammering down the road," he said. "It was the perfect place and perfect time for that to happen, he saw the problem straight away.

"I think the council are on side so I think it's going to be a question of budgets and timings, and we are planning to keep up the pressure to show the strength of feelings."

Telford and Wrekin Councillors Andy Burford and Lyndsey Parker also attended.

Councillor Burford organised the meeting after being contacted by the landlord of the pub and another resident.

He added: "The meeting last night was well attended with about 20 residents.

"Feelings were strong about the hazards of Finger Road.

"Council officers from town and borough were in attendance.

"A follow up is planned."

A spokesperson for Telford and Wrekin said they look at a range of issues to determine where to spend council resources.

“Telford & Wrekin Council takes road safety seriously and continually monitors road data across the borough.

“The meeting with representatives concerned about safety on Finger Road was helpful and we will take their feedback on board, continue to work them and consider the best way forward based on findings.

“We use evidence such as traffic volumes and speed as well as accident and collision rates to decide where resources are allocated in order of priority.”