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'The opposite of road safety': Confusion over new Telford traffic-calming measures

Road users have been left confused by new cycle lanes and traffic-calming measures that have been added to roads in an area of Telford.

Drivers say they are being pushed to drive in the middle of the road

The new speed bumps, chicanes and cycle lanes appeared after Telford & Wrekin Council closed stretches of Colliers Way, Old Park, and Bellpit Road in The Rock for six days.

But when the cones cleared, some residents were left scratching their heads.

Steve Coleman, who lives in The Rock, took to social media to voice his concerns about the changes.

New road markings

He said: "I agree with safety measures, speed bumps etcetera, but come on, the road is too narrow for what they have done.

"There is not enough room for two cars to pass safely."

The cycle lanes, which are causing the most debate on social media, are marked by a broken white line - meaning they are advisory cycle lanes.

One resident said the new measures near the island were a 'rush hour nightmare' and an 'accident waiting to happen'

These lanes provide a recommend line of travel for cyclists. They instruct vehicles not to enter unless avoidable and can legally be overrun.

This, many argue, is causing people to drive in the middle of the road.

"I drove up there thinking they turned it into a one-way system," one wrote, "so I was driving in the middle of the road, avoiding going into the cycle lane, to then seeing another car coming down in the middle of the road. It's ridiculous."

Another commented: "I have already encountered people driving down the middle of the road towards me. The opposite of road safety measures."

One resident worried the new calming measures, which include chicanes and speed bumps off the Old Park island, were a "rush hour nightmare" and an "accident waiting to happen".

The council has said amendments are being made to the scheme following comments from residents.

A spokesperson for the highways department at Telford & Wrekin Council said: “Residents in The Rock along with the parish council asked Telford & Wrekin Council to help reduce traffic speeds across the area.

“The council has a duty to provide safe highways for all users and monitoring has clearly showed vehicle speeding at dangerously high levels on Bellpit Road and Colliers Way in particular.

“Further views have now been raised regarding the new road layout underway at The Rock for which the council is thankful for.

"These comments have been considered and as a result, amendments are being made to the scheme which take on board feedback whilst at the same time, maintain the aim of reducing traffic speeds.”