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Telford couple turn to crowdfunding in last-ditch IVF attempt to have a family

A Telford couple are trying to raise £8,000 for IVF treatment after four unsuccessful attempts on the NHS.

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Dean Hindley and Brianne Burman from Woodside in Telford who are launching an appeal to raise money for IVF treatment after failing to conceive after NHS attempts

Brianne Burman, 27, and partner Dean Hindley, 28, have been trying for the last seven years to have a baby.

The pair had been trying to conceive naturally but after discovering five years ago that Dean's sperm count was low, found that they had to go the IVF route for any chance of a baby.

While the couple were successful in conceiving a child during their first attempt at IVF, the baby boy died just two hours after being born prematurely at 25 weeks.

"We were devastated, absolutely heartbroken," Brianne said. "Due to how early he had been born, there were complications and he was swiftly taken from us and rushed into the ICU.

"We waited for what felt like forever for someone to tell us something and we finally received the news we had been dreading; our baby boy had passed away after being in the world for less than two hours."

Following the death of their newborn son, Brianne and Dean tried three more times on the NHS to conceive by IVF but those attempts resulted in two miscarriages and one embryo that didn't take.

Dean, a van driver, and Brianne, a hairdresser, are now no longer eligible for NHS-funded IVF and have set up a crowdfunding campaign to help to raise the £8,000 needed to have private treatment.

"We are grateful for the NHS’s system that allowed us to have our first attempts for free and we are happy that it is available to every woman who has dreams of one day having a family, but once those attempts are over, the cost is just too much to try and save for it alone," said Brianne.

"It would take us years to save up for that amount. We know this is a last ditch attempt as it is not just about the financial strain but trying for so long adds strain to our relationship.

"Our life goal is to have a family and all we wish for us to have a healthy baby to love and care for, which is all any parents ask for."

To help with Brianne and Dean's attempts to pay for IVF, visit

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