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Counter protest promise if Tommy Robinson visits Telford

Anti racism groups say they will be in Telford on August 13 to counter protest if right wing activist Tommy Robinson and supporters arrive in the town in the wake of the Child Sexual Exploitation inquiry report.

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Tommy Robinson in Telford in May

Stand Up To Racism says it will be meeting in Southwater Square from 11am to demand justice for the victims of the grooming abuse and oppose attempts by the Far Right to divide communities.

Weyman Bennett from Stand Up To Racism said the organisation believe there would be a showing of Tommy Robinson's film that was first aired in the town in May.

He said: "Robinson cares nothing for the victims of abuse. He is simply attempting to use the issue of the horrible grooming cases to divide the community.

"Telford is a multicultural city - we will stand united with the victims of abuse and against division."

"The report into the horrendous cases involving up to 1000 young women over decades have rightly been met with outrage.

"The victims deserve justice now and the support and solidarity of the whole community."

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