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New trail race follows in footsteps of troublesome Mortimers - and promises stunning scenery to boot

A new trail race will be following in the footsteps of a notorious border family - and promises to show off fantastic landscapes too.

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Race directors Harriet Dearden and Andy Silvey (back row) explore the Mortimer Trail with fellow runners Laura and Oliver Perratt (front) ahead of the inaugural Midsummer Mortimer Trail race. Photo: Laura Perratt

The inaugural Midsummer Mortimer Trail Race will take runners on a scenic journey of either 30 miles, 20 miles or 10 miles from Kington to Ludlow on June 29, this year.

It has been launched by organiser Andali Events and promises to take participants on "an unforgettable journey through some of England's most stunning scenery, following the historic Mortimer Trail."

Mortimer Trail explores the dramatic legacy of the powerful Mortimer family. The organisers say "it was rare to find a Mortimer who didn't encounter trouble or, more often that not, cause it."

Midsummer Mortimer Trail Race invites runners to challenge themselves against the backdrop of the stunning countryside, offering both seasoned athletes and newcomers alike an opportunity to experience the thrill of racing amidst nature's beauty.

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