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Ludlow residents group formed to tackle town issues says lack of input from council is 'a disgrace'

A large and active new residents group is running into a 'wall of silence' as they try to get someone from their local town council to speak in an official capacity at their meetings.

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A collapsed section of Ludlow town walls, pictured here in 2022, is high on the group's agenda

Ludlow Residents Group is planning to hold its second meeting on the first Saturday in March and has been trying in vain to get an official representative to speak at its next meeting.

A statement from the group said it is a "disgrace our elected officials refuse to engage with the residents on important issues".

"How can we have an open and transparent cooperation between Ludlow residents and its town council if they refuse to engage with us?"

On the agenda are the collapse of Ludlow town walls more than a decade ago and proposed boundary changes involving Ludford Parish Council.