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Loose cables and rubble in gardens: Call for urgent action over 'unfinished work' on council estate

A county councillor and a Liberal Democrat candidate for South Shropshire have called for urgent action to improve conditions on a social housing estate.

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Chris Naylor and Tracey Huffer

Tracey Huffer, the Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow East, visited Sandpits Avenue in Ludlow with Chris Naylor, the Liberal Democrat candidate for South Shropshire.

They say a major project to refurbish the former council housing in the Sandpits Estate is struggling, with some properties being left in a state of disrepair with incomplete work.

Councillor Huffer said: “This was a dream project. It is the largest investment in social housing in Ludlow for decades.

"The houses would be brought up to modern standards. The current tenants would be moved elsewhere in the street for a few months and go back to their homes once refurbishment is complete.