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Warning to cat owners after three in Ludlow die of anti-freeze poisoning in a week

A veterinary practice has issued a warning to cat owners after three deaths in a week caused by anti-freeze poisoning.

Vets have seen several cats come in with fatal antifreeze poisoning in recent days. Stock photo

Teme Veterinary Practice, in Ludlow, has confirmed that vets have seen three incidents of cats being brought into the surgery displaying signs of anti-freeze poisoning.

Anti-freeze is an engine coolant which is added to water in order to lower the freezing point in a vehicle's engine and can be poisonous to cats.

The veterinary practice have asked people to consider keeping their cats in for the next few weeks to avoid further cases and to make themselves aware of the signs of anti-freeze poisoning.

The signs of poisoning can include one, or several of the following:

  • Vomiting

  • Seeming depressed or sleepy

  • Appearing drunk and uncoordinated

  • Seizures

Difficulty breathing

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “We are really sorry to hear about the deaths of these cats and extend our sympathies to the pets’ owners.

"It is the time of year where people use antifreeze in their cars, so if you do, please make sure that there are no leaks and any spills are cleaned up properly.

"We're also urging cat owners in the local community to be vigilant and know the signs of suspected poisoning.

"Anyone fearing their cat may have been poisoned should try and remain calm, move the moggy away from the source and contact a vet immediately."

Signs of poisoning can be seen anything from 30 minutes after a cat has ingested the chemical, though it can be two or three days before signs of kidney failure are seen.

For advice and support regarding anti-freeze visit

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