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'Flood-resistant' doors approved for homes in hard-hit Shrewsbury neighbourhood

Nine properties in a flood-prone part of Shrewsbury have been given permission to add flooding-resistant front doors as part of a government scheme.

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A number of cottages in Old Coleham will now get flood-resistant doors. Photo: Google

The properties are included in an application for 14 homes in the Coleham area of Shrewsbury.

Plans for the new front doors had been submitted by Watertight International, working on behalf of the Government's Property Flood Resilience Framework to deliver measures in the West Midlands.

Now Shropshire Council's planning department has confirmed the first group of applications has been approved – all for homes at Peace Cottages, Old Coleham. The area is within the Belle Vue conservation area, and subject to restrictions on what planning applications can be approved.

Proposals under the same scheme for homes at Moreton Crescent are yet to be approved.

In a decision notice on one of the approved properties, Shropshire Council planning officer Joe Crook said that discussions had taken place on whether different door handles could be fitted due to the "more modern appearance" of the ones proposed.

He said: "Following negotiations with the applicant and agent regarding the standard lever door handles included as part of the submission, where it was queried if a more traditional handle could be utilised, the applicants stated that the door handle was an integral part of the flood door locking mechanism required for the flood resistance measures where the door is kitemarked and changing the handle would void the certification and the associated funding.

"Whilst the door handle isn't preferable given it is of a more modern appearance, it is noted that the terrace is not on a main thoroughfare in the conservation area and that there will still be a level of enhancement in introducing a four-panelled moulded timber door where the handle is a smaller detail.

"Furthermore the need for flood doors in this area is acknowledged and for their proper function during flood events. Therefore in this case it is considered acceptable and with a negligible impact, and not harmful where taking account of the character and appearance of the conservation area."

Coleham is an area which has been badly affected by flooding in recent years, with properties repeatedly hit with significant damage.